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BC Touring Council's On the Road Workshop

This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend the BC Touring Council’s On the Road Touring Workshop, and, spoiler alert, it was amazing.

A lot of what we learned was related to logistics, and finances, and marketing - all the good stuff, really. But we also got some great tips about self-care while on the road, and the different resources available to us. There was also much discussion about showcases, like Pacific Contact, and other similar events across the country and internationally.

Our biggest takeaway from the weekend by far was a renewed sense of direction and passion. We’ve been really excited about the various steps forward we’ve been taking as a trio lately, but it’s extremely encouraging to have someone say, “Hey, you do this specific thing really well. It’s different and interesting, and people would like to hear it.” As musicians, so much of our self-worth is tied up in our performance, and so much of the work we do is done alone. We live for the moments we get to be on stage, even more so when the audience is made up of our colleagues and professionals in the field. We’ve spent loads of time this week figuring out how we’re going to move forward and apply what we learned, so look forward to hearing from us a bunch more in the near future!

Anyway, besides the sappy good times, there was some darn good food. For an astonishing $57.50 per musical ensemble, we got two full days of workshops and three meals at the Laurel Point Inn. Have you ever eaten at the Laurel Point? You should definitely eat at the Laurel Point. We are extremely grateful to the various folks who helped to subsidize this event, including the Department of Canadian Heritage (federal), and the BC Arts Council (provincial).

Tl;dr If you are an emerging artist of any kind, we would recommend the BCTC’s workshops wholeheartedly.