Everything you've ever wanted in a flute trio.

About Us

Trio Taco Members, left - right. Click through for our individual bios!

ALANNA KAZDAN (B.MUS 2015, B.ED 2016, MA 2018)


SIERRA PHOSY (B.MUS 2017, B.ED 2018)

Photo: Syssilia H.E. Reid

Victoria BC’s leading flute trio, Trio Taco blends their classical roots with a passion for new Canadian music. Known for curating and headlining concerts entirely written by Canadian composers, the trio aims to increase approachability to contemporary music. By redefining the live classical music experience they have created a uniquely engaging stage presence. Performance practice at a Trio Taco concert may include (but is not limited to): blindfolds, excessive amount of chairs on stage, Christmas sing-alongs, no chairs for audience members, giant flutes, unvoiced fricatives, and saxophones (sorry). 

Since founding in 2015, the trio has performed at concerts all over the city of Victoria. In spring 2017, they were invited to join the ensemble performing "Locus iste" by Nicholas Piper at the Victoria Symphony's New Music Festival. They have worked with local composers Nathan Friedman, Alexander Klassen, Liam Ross Gibson, Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins, Lynne Penhale, Syssilia H.E. Reid, Dave Riedstra, and Alexander Simon. While the trio is known for their skillful and energetic new music performance, they are experienced in performing a variety of genres, including upbeat classical music, popular wedding songs and holiday specials.

When they are not performing or preparing recital tacos, the trio tour bug has occasionally been spotted at the Taco Bell in Nanaimo, BC.